Unique Hand Painted Silk Scarves and Shawls. Art to Wear

I'm Klara and I live in Europe, in a small Eastern European country called Bulgaria. I have
been a full time artist my whole life. I studied at an applied arts high-school, then received a bachelor degree in textile design, and I have a Masters degree in textile arts as well.
Before joining the Etsy community, I would spend every summer with the
family, at Bulgaria’s summer resorts selling my hand painted silk scarves
right on the breezy beach front streets. During the colder seasons I would sell
my scarves and paintings at boutiques all over the country. But I could not be
in control of how my scarves were presented, marketed or sold, because I had
to hand them over to the boutique owners, and say my goodbye to my scarves
and the rest was beyond my control.
Joining Etsy was just a little something to try out, and what a wonderful
opportunity it gave me to be wholly in control of my creativity and how it was
being sold, and to have a personal contact with my customers. I have grown
and learned a great deal through Etsy. It has empowered my creativity!
Etsy has allowed me to stay home and look after my children, while earning a
living by doing art.

the full presentation will be updated soon

you can see my portraits and watercolors here:
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